About Essential Oil Sanctuary

This is me with a wild horse in Waipio Valley, Hawaii Island.

Hi there. My name is Loren and I’m the author of this website.

I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest, which is the region I was born in. Though I have an upcoming move to Austin, TX.

But enough about me. How about… you?

If I were to guess… you’re probably into natural medicines and alternative therapies. And I’m sure you have good reason to be. Maybe you’ve had some bad encounters with conventional medicine… Maybe you just were born with fantastic common sense and you realize that healing can be found in natural plants and remedies; not just in manufactured medicines.

Why essential oils?

I’m sure that you, just like me, have had direct experiences with essential oils and have seen their healing potential first hand.

Maybe when you were young your grandma bandaged you up with special care and a little bit of homemade thieves oil. Maybe you found that essential oils help you find relief from a cold or congestion. Or maybe you just feel a little warmer, cozier and happier when your home is filled with diffused oils.

Whatever your personal experiences may be, you know that there’s potential here with these oils. You know that, when used correctly, they have true medicinal properties.

And that’s why I’m here. To learn more about these medicines with you.

I hope that you found what you were looking for when you originally landed on this site. And I hope that you stick around and continue to explore essential oils with me.)


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