No More Scars! 11 Essential Oils & Natural Recipes that Heal Scars


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11 of the Best Essential oils to use for Scar Tissue healing and reduction

Below you will find 11 of the most highly recommended essential oils for scar healing.

Once you’ve skimmed those be sure to read on to the recipes that follow.

If you want to effectively treat scars with essential oils you’ll have to apply them daily for a long duration. Scars often take 3-6 months before they are majorly healed. If you follow the DIY steps below you will be able to easily make large amounts of scar healing lotion that you can apply until your scar is fully healed.

1.) Carrot seed

The essential oil of carrot seeds in a glass bottle macro

Carrot seed oil is an excellent tonic for the skin.

In addition to helping treat scars it helps improve skin tone and elasticity as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Apart from scar treatment it is often used in recipes for eczema, psoriasis and as an aid to balance sebum production.

Carrot seed oil contains powerful antioxidant properties which aid the skin in fighting free radicals and improve the skin’s ability to age and heal well.

2.) Cedarwood

Cedarwood works well with the skin’s own self-maintenance capabilities. It is balancing to both dry and oily skin conditions and helps to cleanse the skin of impurities. It helps to decongest sluggish skin tissues and draws out excess fat between the tissue.

3.) Geranium


Geranium is a wonderful skin tonic oil. It revitalizes skin cells, helps to control sebum production in oily skin, helps to keep the skin supple and rejuvinates pale, dull skin.

It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, balancing, tonic, stimulant and uplifting. Geranium stimulates the lymphatic system, helps to diminish water retention and eliminates toxins.

Geranium significantly improves the likelihood of scar reduction with its cicatrisant properties that can help scars to fade over time.

4.) Hyssop


Hyssop essential oil is commonly used for wound and bruise healing.

It is antiseptic, anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, cicatrisant, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge, hypertensive, nervine, stimulant, sudorific, tonic, vulnerary.

5.) Juniper


Juniper is a great tonic for the skin. It is detoxifying, cleansing and is effective at soothing a variety of skin ailments. It’s often used for skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis but is also helpful for other less common skin complaints like cellulite and scar healing.

6.) Rose


Rose essential oil helps to tone and lift the skin, helping to improve skin health and elasticity while improving circulation as it tones blood capillaries.. Regular use of rose oil has a significant effect on reducing the appearing of scar tissue.

7.) Neroli

Fiori d'arancio

Neroli, also known as orange blossom, is a fantastic oil for aging skin as it stimulates and promotes cell regeneration. It is very beneficial for stretch marks and scars with its excellent cell regeneration properties.

8.) Patchouli


Patchouli is a common skin restorative oil. It stimulates skin cell regeneration, is anti-inflammatory, cicastristant and sedative. It has been widely used for scar tissues healing by facilitating the rejuvenation of skin cells old and new.

9.) Frankincense


In addition to scar healing Frankincense is known to improve skin tone, smooth and soften wrinkles and balance sebum levels. Frankincense also promotes the growth of new skin cells which grow over scar tissue to eventually smooth the skin.

10.) Lavender


Lavender, as you likely know, has a wealth of therapeutic actions. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and is a go-to essential oil for calming a variety of skin conditions. Lavender does well at both preventing scar tissue from forming and reducing the appearance of existing scar tissue.

11.) Myrrh

Myrrh contains some powerful healing properties. It is especially useful for skin conditions and is widely used to treat a broad variety of complaints including chapped/cracked skin, eczema/psoriasis, rashes, stretch marks and scar tissue. It rejuvenates mature skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles while also helping to promote healthy new skin growth.

4 Simple Recipes for Scar Tissue healing

coconut oil

1.) Simple Coconut Application

The most basic option for treating your scars over time with essential oils is to combine small amounts of your favorite scar healing oils with coconut oil and apply the mixture to your scar(s) on a daily basis.

Just add 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oils with 1/2- 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and gently massage onto your scar tissue.

2.) Simple Scar Healing Cream



  • Combine ingredients
  • Apply to scar(s) at least twice daily

3.) Simple Daily Scar Treating Moisturizer


Combine Ingredients, apply daily as moisturizer

4.) Scar Tissue Oil



(If using vitamin E capsules simply pierce the capsules with the point of a clean, sharp knife and squeeze into your 2 oz bottle)


  • Pour a small amount of your scar tissue oil into the palm of your hand and massage onto scar(s) twice daily.
  • Apply as long as needed (results can take upwards of 6 months, but will often be seen earlier)

Additional (Non) Essential Oil Based Natural Scar Treatments

Insta-Natural Scar Gel

scar gel

This stuff might be your best friend when it comes to healing scars. You should get this product because it works really well.

While the ingredient in this product aren’t heavily essential oil based, the scar gel does contain lots of naturally restorative and regenerative ingredients. It has epidermal growth factor, fucoxanthin, astaxanthin, great tea & gotu kola, to name a few. These are powerful restorative agents. And they will work together to heal your scars.

Effective for surgical, injury and acne scars. Also heals burns and clears up dark spots.

Rosehip Seed Oil

rosehip oil

Rosehip seed oil has only become popular for skin care recently, but it has been used for centuries. Rosehips were used by the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans.

Rosehip great for your skin and can help you decrease the appearance of your scars (as well as improve skin health and complexion).

Part of what makes rosehip oil great and more desirable than alternatives like jojoba and shea butter for many is that it absorbs easily into the skin. It’s healthy and natural, and highly recommended!

Sea-Buckthorn Oil

sea-buckthorn berries

As far as healing oils go Sea-buckthorn oil has some remarkable healing benefits of its own. It’s effective at hydrating the skin, reducing wrinkles, healing sunburns, reducing stretch marks and healing scars.

Haven’t used this one myself, but I’ve heard great things!

Important Note:

It’s essential for you to know that many scars just won’t respond well to natural attempts to heal them. If your scars are old and deep, you might be out of luck.

As a rule of thumb the easiest to heal scars are the new ones. The older they get the less chance you have at changing them sans surgical removal.

So in that case try to learn to love your scar.

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27 thoughts on “No More Scars! 11 Essential Oils & Natural Recipes that Heal Scars”

  1. Hi, i just stumbled on your blog. I would like to know if the “helichrysum essential oil” can be used for burn scars on my chest. I’ve had the scars for 20 years now. There are still white patches around my chest wall and slight alteration to my right breast. I dont know if the oil can help in healing them to turn back to my natural skin. The burns was caused by very hot oil, and the many visits i paid to Doctors in my country advised that doing plastic surgey is 50/50 as i might have keloids, this discouraged me from going on further. Any help you can render will be highly appreciated, thanks

  2. I have used DermalMD Scar Treatment Serum for years, it worked Great on my stretch marks after my children. I also used it as a daily facial moisturizer and noticed it quickly made my acne dark spots disappear! The SPF was a Plus!

    1. Not for scars 😛 Ingestion is a tricky topic. I think it is okay in rare occasions and only when advised from authorities on the topic.

  3. HI Im looking for an oil blend I can make at home to help scar tissue from cosmetic surgery such as a tummy tuck which I will soon getting. In this case it will be a new scar. Also, is there anything I can do in advance to help in advance with the healing process. Should I start rubbing scar cream now before my surgery? Also, whats the difference between your healing scar cream recipe and the daily moisturizing cream recipe. Do you recommend one for me or both? any advice is appreciated.

    1. Hi! any luck on a response? What oil blend did you end up using and how is the scar? I too am going in for surgery in a few months and was wondering the same thing!

    2. I have been using an organic rosa mosketa oil (rose hip i believe) in my scar after a heart surgery. It has been well, the scare is fine, almost white and almost invisible, but i can not say if i do not use it how it would be.

      It seems that rosa mosketa oil from chile and patagonia are the best.

      good luck, maria

  4. Jamille Pereira

    I’ve been using DermalMD Scar Treatment Serum for 3 weeks and my stretch marks have faded significantly. I’ve tried several other products but never had these kind of results. I would strongly recommend DermalMD.

  5. 3 month ago I was in a car accident that left 3 red, raised and hard 2 inch long scars on my forehead. My naturopath told me to massage grapefruit eo mixed with vitamin e into it multiple times daily. It works! My scars have shrunk to just little dots and they turned from red to barely pink. I’m 40 years old and notice my skin doesn’t heal as fast as it did when I was in my 20s, so I can truly say this works!

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for sharing.

      Which brand of grapefruit essential oil & vitamin e, and how is the mixture & application like?

      Hope to hear from u.

  6. It’s amazing to know that there’s alternative way of removing acne scars, however, i would like to ask if the last combination eos can help elevate red pitted scars? hope to hear from you!

  7. Do you think there’s a chance of any natural treatment like essential oils working for acne scars about 2 or 3 years old? I picked at the spots alot as well, do you think they would be less likely to heal because of this?

    1. Hi Jasmine. It’s possible, but keep in mind that the longer you have a scar the less likely you’ll be able to heal it completely. Good luck!

  8. Wonderful article! I was just wondering if there are any oils that help prevent new scars from forming? I have a lot of acne in my “T-Zone” area, and though I only picked at it a little I have a few scars appearing months after.

    1. I used Frankenscence oil on my 2 pimples and usually the scar stays for months, but with the oil it disappeared completely within 2 days. It has to be therapeutic grade, you can find in amazon. I’m using it on my daughters head she had surgery on. ..she was hit by another child in the playground and got a little scar right where she had 5 months ago, and after 3 times applying it, the scab fell off. Also for the breakouts I learned about Vit E. I started applying it on my skin and it’s cleared up in just 2 days. I used Vit E capsules, cut one capsule with scissors and applied it all over my face. Make sure it’s ingredient says “D-alpha tocopherol” not DL because thats synthetic form and the skin will excrete it faster than natural Vit E. Real Vit E will last in the body longer, and I’m also drinking the pill. I’m using 400IU. 4 th day and my husband noticed it looks clearer and healthier too. I bought the 21st century Vit E for $6.

  9. I have surgical scars from breast agmintation and was wondering what essential oils I could use. Was wondering what to use.

  10. I gave birth in July by c-section and bought Dermalmd Stretch Mark Cream a couple of months later in hopes of diminishing the appearance of my scar and stretch marks. It works great! Took a few weeks for my skeptical eye to notice, but my belly looks almost normal after only about 6 weeks of use! And I have half a bottle left. No more red and purple stretch marks that ripple under my finger; my skin is smooth with nearly invisible lines that hint as to what I used to look like. I definitely recommend to everyone! Would be a great gift for a new mom!

  11. Exfoliating your face is crucial for fading scars and the like. Your skin is a living organism and is constantly regenerating itself. Use the Scar tissue oil recipe night and morning on a clean exfoliated face at least every other day. A spin brush type product is ideal. I’ve done this for years and I have beautiful skin. I look 10 years younger than I am!

  12. I have prepared #4 Scar Tissue Oil. And have been applying since 3 months. Sadly, I don’t see any improvement. The scars are from an accident (Includes small cut scars which have become hypertrophic scars, and suture hypertrophic scar). I’ve undergone 3 sessions of ILS (Intralesional steroid injection). Only one scar got flattened. Others are stubborn. x-( Yet to decide on the next treatment. Excision may help or may leave a larger scar. Its all about proper care after the surgery and how my skin reacts.

    My Realself links:
    Almost 1 year:

    On 4 months of the accident:

    1. I have tried with Contractubex(2 tubes, 3/4 months), teatree oil, hexilak ultra (Silicon gel, 1 tube, 1 month probably) and the #4 scar oil recipe (still continuing).

  13. My husband has peyronies disease which is plaque or scar tissue inside the penis. It causes a curvature which is quite painful for him. What oils would you use and how would you use them? Thank you in advance!

  14. I have been diagnosed with senile Purpura , which means I bruise easily and many times the skin breaks and bleeds. After the injury heals there is a scar with discoloration. Would any of the oils help with the scarring & discoloration?

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