Relief! 4 Best Essential Oil Based Remedies That Cure Warts


Update (10/5/2019):

I’ve recently dealt with a pesky wart myself. I found another natural remedy (plant extracts) that worked really well. You can get it here. It works very good but be warned, it seriously burns whatever it touches. Don’t get it on the rest of your skin. Just the wart! All in all, though I found it more effective than the essential oils I’ve used. For internal use, AHCC is very powerful. It is used to treat the HPV virus successfuly, and has use for the treatment cancer as well.

First, What Type of Warts Are you Dealing With?

People sometimes get confused about what type of wart(s) they have.

There are in fact many types of warts. Plantars, genital and the more garden variety. All of these warts are caused by the HPV virus, regardless of their location and name.

There are two main types of warts we’ll discuss treatment options for in this post: plantars & “regular” warts. Plantars warts are one of the more common warts and, by definition, are only found on the feet while other varieties of warts are found elsewhere on the body.

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It’s important to note that if you are dealing with genital, anal or warts on the larynx that you should seek medical attention. Those warts are a bit more precarious and need special care.

It’s also good to know that sometimes what appears to be a wart isn’t. It’s not uncommon for a person to think they have a wart, and treat it like a wart, only to discover it’s something else entirely – like a clogged sweat gland. A telltale sign of a genuine wart is black spots which can be found in the middle of the wart and are more present when the wart is dying.

4 Essential Oil Remedies for Treating Warts

A good wart treatment works by stimulating the skin and immune system to fight off the wart virus. There are a lot of oils that will cause necessary stimulation and irritation to invoke curative behaviors from the body. You also want your medicine to help the body expunge the infection by acting as an exfoliant.

There are quite a few natural remedies for treating warts, essential oils being one of them. The others I’ll do a brief discussion of as well after the essential oil section.

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First of all, here’s a list of essential oils that are known to help with warts:

And now some specific recipes and remedies you can use to treat your warts.


1.) Apply Essential Oils Neat

This is a basic yet very effective way to use essential oils for warts.

The directions here are to apply a couple drops of tea tree oil “neat” (which means plain, by itself) onto the wart. You can use a clean cotton swab to apply the oil and either hold it there or remove the cotton and cover it with a bandage.

As an alternative to tea tree, you can apply 2 drops lemon and 1 drop cypress.

It’s best to do this application three times daily, or more if you desire. If your skin feels really dry after try massaging it with a small amount of calendula infused oil.

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manuka / tea tree flower
manuka/tea tree flower

2.) The “Wart Bomb” EO Blend

Here’s a recipe that was recommended to me by a reader. They’ve used it on their whole family with a great success rate.



  • Add essential oils to a 2 oz glass dropper bottle
  • Add apple cider vinegar – but do not fill to the top
  • Fill the remainder with your fractionated coconut oil


  • Apply this mixture directly to your warts using 1-3 drops and a cotton swab like with the previous methods.
  • Apply every night until wart has receded.

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foot bath

3.) Apply your Oils in the Bathtub / Foot Bath

If you take baths and/or use foot baths you can support your wart treatments easily with essential oils. It’s recommended that you add 3-6 drops of any of the recommended essential oils above to your bath.

Start by applying them to the wart once in the bath and then soak in the oil-infused water for as long as you like.

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calendula oil

4.) Simple EO recipe for Healing the Skin

Once your wart has receded and the contents expunged you’ll want to support the skin’s healing process. The following mixture nourishes the skin.




Using your fingertips, smooth gently over healing skin

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Additional Tips & Home Remedies for Warts

In addition to essential oil treatments, there’s an abundance of other treatments, many of them natural home remedies.

Scrape with an Abrasive Surface

Many people use an abrasive surface, like a pumice stone, to rub against the wart to remove the top layers of their wart(s) before applying any treatments. This ensures that the treatment gets deeper into the wart than it would otherwise

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Apple Cider Vinegar Treatments

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a common home remedy used for warts. You can apply it neat or mix it with other treatments like essential oils. Some people will cover it in a bandage and leave it overnight.

The apple cider vinegar works because the acid in it irritates the skin and stimulates the immune system to address the area. It also kills off the wart itself by making the area inhospitable for the virus.

You can apply it in the same way you would apply essential oils neat, using a cotton ball or q-tip to cover over the wart. It’s best to use raw organic apple cider vinegar.

You’ll get a better effect if you use a pumice stone and/or a soak in warm salted water before applying your AVC. This softens and loosens the calloused skin cells.

Oh and note that it can sting really bad once applied. That’s normal. Good to know before you first apply it!

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Starve your Wart of Oxygen

Warts need exposure to the air to properly breathe. This is part of the reason why some of the previously listed remedies involve covering the wart with a band-aid for extended periods of time.

Additional ways to starve your warts of oxygen include:

  • Covering them with nail polish/varnish (topcoat)
  • Covering them with duct tape
  • Covering them with sulfur and a bandaid

Apply Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil provides both nourishing and antiviral effects to the skin. To apply simply rub your coconut oil into the skin on and around the wart twice daily. Apply as much as desired. The skin should be able to absorb some of the oil so keep rubbing it in and adding more if you want to.

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Apply Garlic


Garlic is a potent antiviral that gets along well with the body and our immune system. You can consume lots of garlic to support your immune response and apply raw garlic directly to your wart(s) with a bandaid or duct tape.

Just tape a slice of raw garlic over the spot. Change out as needed and apply daily until your wart is gone.

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Freezing Kits

A common treatment protocol for warts is to freeze them off with liquid nitrogen. You can have a doctor do this or you can buy your own freezing kit and apply it yourself. When applying yourself you simply soak a q-tip in the nitrogen formula and press it onto the wart for as long as you can stand. The effectiveness of freezing kits is sometimes so-so. But they can work well if you follow the directions well.

Homeopathic Thuja Treatment

Personally, I don’t use homeopathy is the first response to any malady. But I know that for some people it works.

The recommended homeopathic treatment for warts is often thuja. I’ve read that after a month of treatment numerous people have experienced diminished or completely cured warts. The Boiron brand is what I recommend and you can buy their thuja online.

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Laser Surgeries

If you have no success with any of the above methods it’s possible to seek out laser surgeries for warts. I don’t really recommend them though, as they can leave significant amounts of unsightly scar tissue behind.

Cutting out your Wart *gulp*

Some people opt for just cutting their warts out. I’m not going to say don’t do it yourself, but be warned that it can be bloody and painful. If you decide to do this use a sterile cutting instrument and make sure you get to the bottom of the wart.

More FAQ

Here’s some concluding basic information on warts. You might already know this so I didn’t want to bore readings with it at the beginning of the post. But if you want to understand warts better, read on!

What causes warts?

Warts are benign growths that are the result of a viral infection by certain strains of the HPV virus.

There are many types of the HPV virus (Human Papillomavirus) – and only a few of those varieties cause warts. Other non-wart causing strains of HPV can lead to conditions like cancer and genital warts.

We develop warts once the HPV virus enters our skin. It usually does this through small cuts or scrapes. Once it finds it’s way into our body it infects our skin cells. From there it typically lays dormant for a month or two before rearing its ugly head.

Warts most commonly occur on hands, fingers, face, elbows, knees, and feet. But can pop up in many places.

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How do we Get Warts?

As soon as a person is infected with the wart-causing HPV strain they are likely to start developing warts.

It’s estimated that 7-10% of the population in the US is infected with these wart-causing HPV strains. The virus can survive many months without a host.

Infection happens when the virus gets transmitted from an infected person to a new host.

These viral transmissions typically occur from walking on public surfaces like showers or swimming pool floors. The moisture helps the transmission. The virus attacks the body via cracks in the skin. It only needs a tiny cut or abrasion in the outermost layer of skin to get inside.

If you frequent pools or other public places it’s highly recommended that you wear some shower shoes in the locker room and showers and don’t remove them until it’s time to get in the water.

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Warts are viral and once you have the virus you’re going to be at risk for developing more warts in the future.

If you want to prevent future warts your best bet is to ramp up your immune system and a result suppresses the virus from developing into new warts.

Here are some immune system boosting ideas:

  • Develop a healthy sleeping routine with plenty of shut-eye.
  • Lower chronic stress levels. This might mean cutting things out of your life if necessary.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods that tax the body – especially allergy-promoting foods and stimulants.
  • Consume foods that nourish the body and follow a high nutrient diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • If you take immuno-suppressing medications investigate alternatives

Consider taking some immune boosting tonics:


4 Essential Oil based remedies for warts

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful.

If you have any questions, comments or recommendations of your own please let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Christana Smith

    Thanks a lot…….will try these out for my frustrating plantar warts….just trying to get rid of them…

    1. Thanks I have had warts since I was very young. The warts that have the dark spots we always called seed warts. I found that when the dark like black head appears just dig it out and the wart will go away. I do have two on my hands that have been in very worn areas over 50. Years. Now that I don’t use my hands as much they are coming back and they hurt. What can I do with these. Yes as a child they were large warts. Different from seed warts as they never did go to seed. I wore them down with manual labor over the years. Now my hands can no longer do that work and they are returning and are painful. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. does it have to be Fractionated coconut oil? I have virgin CO instead, don’t want to spend extra…. Thanks.

  3. Regarding the “Wart Bomb” …. Approximately how much ACV? Is there a substitute that can be used in lieu of the Medieval Mix?

  4. Regarding using homeopathy for warts: as a classical homeopath, I don’t recommend using homeopathic thuja for warts. There are many wart remedies and that is just one. Homeopathy may not work for you because you are seeing it as diagnosis = prescription, which is not how it works. So using Boiron Thuja in a 6c may work better. Even better would be Thuja 6x or best would be Thuja tincture. Hard to find but can be ordered. Warts are a huge sign in homeopathy that there is a disease in the body. So if you I’ve lots of warts, beat to see a homeopath to get the correct remedy and heal your constitution.

    1. Thanks for this clarification, Kathryn! Really appreciate your input here.

  5. So I was massaging my husband’s feet with oil that contained cedarwood and sage. I’ve had a wart on my thumb for a little under a year and the next day I noticed it was almost flat! I used that our again last night and decided to research cedarwood today. I just wanted to let people know it is actually working! My planters warts had to be removed with acid as a child so I am so excited there is something so simple out there! Sad I stumbled upon this and didn’t do some research months ago.

  6. Just use talc in sock all time to dry wart out. It wont last long.

  7. So, I’ve tried the tea tree and Cinnamon oil on my 6 yr old son’s wart and all was fine….for the first few days. Then I applied it again being careful to wipe off all excess oil from the skin around the wart and bandaged it two nights ago; and when I took the bandage off today ALL of the skin AROUND the wart had peeled off and the wart was still there. NOW I have to treat his arm like I would a severe burn!!!!! Somebody needs to be a bit more thorough on instructions of oil application. And yours wasn’t the only site I researched that said the same procedure. I won’t be trying this remedy again!

  8. The link you just posted for what worked for you took me to Amazon but didn’t list the product?

    1. Hmm sorry about that. I clicked it just now and it seemed to work. If it doesn’t for you, try typing in Cistotelo 1ml in Amazon!

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