3 Best High Capacity Essential Oil Diffusers Perfect for Large Rooms (2018)

2,000 ml best large room diffuser
The winner and best diffuser for your large room! Read on to learn more about this 2,000 ml diffuser or click here to buy

Love diffusing essential oils, but hate having to constantly refill your diffuser?

I know when I first started diffusing I would get frusturated when my diffuser ran out of water after only 20 minutes of operation.

And trying to use it to fill large rooms? It wasn’t even worth the effort. It would run out of steam before the whole room could even be filled.

What to do?

Luckily, diffuser makers figured it out and started making bigger diffusers. Now there are diffusers that are perfectly suited for large rooms and long diffusion sessions. Hurray!

Getting a large capacity essential oil diffuser was a game changer for me. Now I diffuse all the time like I had originally intended to do. It’s time for you to level up as well.

In this post I’ll show you exactly which high capacity diffusers you should get for your large rooms.

Now let’s get to it.

3 Must-Have Features for your Large Space Essential Oil Diffuser

What you’ll need in your diffuser:

1. A high capacity water tank.

This is by far the most important factor. You want a big tank so you can easily fill up your room with aroma without having to refill or check in on your diffuser very often.

2. Aesthetic appeal and ease of use.

Sure, a beautiful device is not entirely essential. But you’ll enjoy your diffuser that much more if it’s appealing to look at and beautifies your home.

3. A rich feature list

You want features like automation, timers, adequate humidifier capability, night light capabilities, etc.


The Top 3 Large Room Diffusers, Ranked


The following diffusers were ranked based on the features I mentioned above.

As you’ll see the selections are based first and foremost on capacity. We want to fill up a big room and a bigger tank makes that easier.

After capacity, I’ve focused on aesthetic appeal. These are the best looking diffusers in their size class.

Lastly, I factored in added features like LED, remote control capability, and timers. These are important and every diffuser should include at least some.

And the best diffuers are?

Drum roll please…


WINNER: 2,000 ml Extra Large Premium 3-in-1 Aroma Diffuser with Intelligent Mood Light by PureSpa XL

Click the image or here for product details


  • Ultra high capacity – The 2,000 ml capacity is super large (15x bigger than average diffusers) and works like a charm. You can fill this diffuser once and leave it on for the whole day.
  • Sleek design and quiet operation. It has the best design of any large essential oil diffuser on the market.
  • You add oils directly to the reservoir. I like this method better than putting your oils on an absorbent pad in another chamber.
  • Did I say high capacity? I love that using this diffuser is basically like putting your household aromatherapy in  “set it and forget it” mode. It lasts for a loong time.


  • You have to add a good amount of essential oils to the tank to get a strong diffusion.
  • It’s a diffuser/humidifier combo, so it can put out a lot of moisture. But it’s okay because you can always lower the output.


This diffuser is my go-to recommendation because it combines high capacity with style, reliability, and great features.

Check it out here on Amazon.


RUNNER UP: 1,500 ml Large Aromatherapy Diffuser/Humidifier by Exqline

1500 ml high capacity essential oil diffuser
Click the image or here for product details


  • Super large capacity – The 1,500ml high capacity tank holds almost a half gallon of water and is made with large spaces in mind. It’s also great because it’s designed to allow you to easily view how much water is left in the tank.
  • 7 Color LED Light Settings – You can easily toggle through color features. One click turns on color cycle mode, or continue through to pick your favorite color. You can also turn off the LED lights while you diffuse.
  • Sleek design and quiet operation. It looks modern and runs silently.
  • You add oils directly to the reservoir. I like this method better than putting your oils on an absorbent pad in another chamber. This just feels better.


  • Less capacity than the #1 large room diffuser.
  • Some people might not like that it’s a diffuser/humidifier combo, as it can put out a lot of moisture. But it’s okay because you can always lower the output.


This is a great diffuser. The only reason it isn’t the top recommendation is because the PureSpa XL has a higher water capacity. I’ve owned this one the longest out of the three and still enjoy it thoroughly.

Check it out here on Amazon.


3rd Place: 1,000 ml Ultrasonic Diffuser/Humidifier by URPOWER

1000 ml essential oil diffuser large
Click the image or here for product details


  • Huge capacity – The 1,000ml high capacity tank is super convenient. This thing can run for most of the day and night without needing a refill. Epic.
  • 7 Color LED Light Settings + Remote – I love that this feature 7 colors because you never know what vibe you might want. With the remote, you can easily change the color based on your mood and the vibe you want to associate with specific oil blends.
  • Timer settings and quiet operation. Great and important features to have in your diffuser. This diffuser does them right.


  • Some people might not like it aesthetically. The LED light emphasis is cool and creates a lot of possibilities, but some people might want a more classy, polished looking finish.
  • Higher capacity options are available on the list.


This is a fun, high capacity diffuser for larger rooms. I think aesthetically it works best in kids rooms and dens.

Check it out here on Amazon.


Honorable Mention: 700 ml 5-in-1 Ultrasonic Diffuser by ASAKUKI

Click the image or here or product details


  • Above average capacity. Most essential oil diffusers are between 200 ml and 500 ml and work well for smaller rooms. But if your room is just a bit above average size, or if you want a lot of aromas, this size is perfect. I think it works best for medium sized bedrooms, guest rooms, offices. But leave the big communal areas to the higher capacity units that showed up higher up the list.
  • Aesthetics. I like the style of this little cube. It is my favorite of the diffusers on this page stylistically. It’s color features look the best by far.
  • Great features and usability. It’s sleek and easy to use. Just three buttons one to turn it on and change colors, one to change mist output, one to set a diffusion timer.


  • Higher capacity options are available on the list. The first diffuser on the list is can hold nearly 3 times as much water.


This is an above-average sized diffuser for above-average sized spaces. It looks great and I recommend it for medium-large rooms.

Check it out here on Amazon.


Hopefully, you’ve found the diffuser of your dreams!

If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the comment section below.

If there’s any particular diffusers you love, or tips for how to get the most out of them – we’d love to hear from you!

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